New Mills Primary School Edible Garden

Written by Mrs Williams

When Year 4 at New Mills Primary School asked for help to create an edible garden, they never expected such an amazing response! Volunteers from the Transition New Mills group answered their request and worked alongside the school to create 2 large permanent planters, as well as revitalise existing bedding areas.

The children have been working on the gardens since the beginning of May with Jill Hulme, a Transition volunteer, to sow seed, transplant seedlings and look after the growing plants. The two planters are now flourishing, having been transformed into an edible science garden. This week the children harvested their first crop of radishes and spinach, which they all thoroughly enjoyed tasting. They are also looking forward to trying peas, mangetout, leeks, strawberries, beetroot and lettuce in the coming weeks.

This garden is giving the children a fantastic opportunity to learn through practical hands-on experience, tackling complicated ideas such as the water and carbon cycles as well as learning about how plants grow. We have all been very impressed with the caring way the children have worked together, learning new skills and teaching each other. This will continue next year with the class passing on their understanding to younger children as the scheme develops.

The planters have been built to last and the children are very excited about future opportunities to grow and experiment! A large number of local companies and individuals have been generous with time, labour, donations and discounts, including:

Clapham Builders

Redmoor Building Supplies

Alder Garden Services

Rolf West

Ryans DIY shop

New Mills Allotment Society

The project would not have been possible without the support of the Transition New Mills group, who have provided invaluable knowledge, connections and time. If you’d like to help with this or other similar projects, the group can be contacted via the following means:

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