New Mills Christmas Lights Switch-On!

Written by Mrs Williams

Saturday 26th November 2017 saw the annual New Mills Christmas Lights Switch-On event. This year was very special for a certain young lady from Year 5 at our school. Morgan had won the town council’s competition to draw a nativity scene picture and her prize – TO PRESS THE BUTTON TO TURN ON THE TREE LIGHTS OUTSIDE THE TOWN HALL!!

After visiting Santa in his grotto and seeing all the other competition entries, Morgan was introduced to the crowds before the countdown began. She pressed the button and the tree was magically lit!

As the crowds dispersed, Morgan went back inside the town hall with Santa and her family to be presented with her picture, beautifully framed, and a gold box complete with a big gold bow. What was inside? You’ll have to ask Morgan!!

Everybody at New Mills Primary School is so very proud of you, Morgan…for winning the competition, but also for performing your celebrity role with such glamour and a constant smile!


  1. Charlotte Rowe

    I hope it was fun Morgan

  2. Heidi-Mae

    I bet you were excited, Morgan? Well Done, Morgan x

  3. Rowan Coram

    Wow! I hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Ella

    Well done Morgan

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