Nature of New Zealand

Written by Lily Agombar

Hi guys! It’s Lily here (like always) and today’s blog is about the nature in NZ. While here we’ve seen loads of animals, plants and insects. So up first is the mighty Blue Whale! These bad boys are the world’s biggest creature even bigger than any Dinosaur! Pretty big if you ask me. Now the Blue Whale has surprisingly a really small throat so when the Whale comes up to the surface to breathe, he swallows every thing in front of him. So if he ate 1 Coca Cola bottle… (he might) DIE!
Onto the Sperm Whale, this animal has a few world records like ‘the world’s biggest head’ and ‘world’s biggest brain’. The Sperm Whale’s favourite food is squid ???? especially giant squid. This Whale has lots of 28cm teeth only on the bottom of his mouth.
Now it’s the scary Huntsman Spider, if you would not witness this paragraph skip it and move onto Bottle Nose Dolphins. Some might know because I commented on a blog but when we stayed in McBirney’s Place there was a huge Huntsman Spider in our bathroom! They are known by this name because of their speed and mode of hunting. They also are called Giant Crab Spiders because of their size and appearance.
Next is the Bottle Nose Dolphins, they are given their name Bottle because their nose looks like a bottle. They feed in groups called pods and are very playful! Ripper was the dominant male and he slapped his tail to show the younger dolphins who’s boss! There were a few dolphins with names like:
* Hobbit
* Ripper
There was a few more but I can’t remember their names.
The next animal is the black and white Orca. Some call it a killer whale but it is a dolphin so it should really be called the killer dolphin! It is the world’s biggest dolphin and eats fur seals and whales and other fish.
Finally it’s the albatross – a big and beautiful bird which can have a wing span of up to 3.6m or 3 tall adults stood on top of each other! Wow ????, we saw a few different species of albatross like the wandering albatross and the southern royal albatross and the Buller’s albatross (and a couple more). When we fed them they loved the frozen fish guts.
So there you go, just a bit of the nature in NZ. Just a little more to tell you, some English birds are a little different here like the robin, it is black with a yellow tummy and swans are black and their beaks are red! That is all from me for today. See you soon
Wednesday 10th January


  1. rowan

    the picture is very catching!

  2. Isla

    I absolutely love nature but I really hate spiders.

  3. David Agombar. Aka Grandad

    Brilliant blog Lily. I’m very proud of you

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