Māori (m-ow-ree)

Written by Lily Agombar

Kia ora! Hello, New Mills Primary. This is my first blog in New Zealand ???????? and it’s all about Māori.
Lots of words mean two different things like rangatira: Chief or owner. Here are some Māori words and their meanings.
* Kia ora – Hello, thank you
* Kei te pai ahau – I am good
* Nui – big
* Roto – Lake
* Haka – posture Dance
* Iwi – tribe
* Whanau – family group
So there is some useful words to impress your friends! Now I will tell you some facts about Māori.
Māori people came to NZ in canoes from Polynesia around 800 years ago. They have their own language, beliefs, crafts and arts. There are less then 1,000,000 Māori people in the world and that’s nothing compared to the 70 million people in the UK ????????. British people started coming to NZ around 400 years ago. Māori and British signed a treaty and NZ began!
We saw a couple of Māori performances (see in photo)

Thanks for reading
Friday 22nd December

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