Making Coconut Cream

Written by Lily Agombar

Hi it’s Lily here.

Today I will be telling you about the time the Agombar’s made Coconut Cream!

Step 1: First we needed some Coconut trees ????
Step 2: Next make sure you have the right size Coconut
Step 3: (not a sprouting one!!)
Step 4: Shake it to hear the milk ????
Step 5: Smash Coconut into a wooden spike
Step 6: Pull off the Coconuts husk
Step 7: Keep pulling!
Step 8: (this isn’t really a step but…) look at all of Bob’s husk! (I named our Coconut Bob)
Step 9: Dad really did a good job on Bob
Step 10: Chop open the Coconut with a machete (sorry Bob ????)
Step 11: Tip out or drink the Coconut water
Step 12: Use a Coconut grater to grate Bob. Ouch!!!
Step 13: Make lots of shredded coconut
Step 14: squeeze the shreds for lovely coconut cream
Step 15: EAT!!!

So there you go how to make Coconut Cream, here are some ways of using Coconuts:

You can use the husks for compost or matting; you can drink the coconut water; you can eat the coconut flesh and make yummy cakes; you can make cream for cooking and oil for frying and you can use it in your hair and for sun cream too.

Sunday 17th December


  1. isla

    Wow it’s great. I just need a coconut(hmmm)

  2. Mrs Williams

    This looks fantastic – I’d love you to show Year 5 this at some point.

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