Lea Green

Written by Mrs Arnfield

The annual Lea Green residential was a resounding success. Year Six thoroughly enjoyed their visit on the 27th November 2017. Their three night stay was action packed and lots of fun. Miss Whetstone, Mrs Arnfield and Mrs Briggs were very impressed with their resilience when trying new challenges and their co-operative skills; working together on different tasks.

These are just a few of the activities which took place throughout the week: buggies, orienteering, a night walk, obstacle course, a stream walk, ‘Smugglers’ Run’ a visit to Carsington Water and bush craft.

Jacob: “Lea Green was an exciting new experience.”

Senna: “Orienteering – it was puzzling but we worked together and completed it in time. Flabbergastingly brilliant at Lea Green!”

Michaela: “We supported each other to complete tasks. Everyone was enthusiastic and it was absolutely amazing!”

Charlotte: “The car wash was challenging but I enjoyed it a lot,”

Beth: “Lea Green was an extraordinary experience. I loved every minute of it. We worked together as a team.”

The staff were very proud of the children’s attitude throughout the week. Well done, Year Six!



  1. Klaudia hamiti

    It looks amazing. You must of had so much fun!

  2. Senna Y6


  3. Tracy Hall

    Fab photos! How lovely to be able to see what they all got up to. Thanks.

  4. isla

    Looks great – I can’t wait until I’m in Y6

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