Lantern Making in Year 5

Written by Mrs Williams

It has become tradition that the Year 5 pupils at New Mills Primary School create lanterns to be placed along the procession route of the famous Lantern Procession which finishes the New Mills Festival off in such style.

Last year we went for small scale light bulbs which hung from a bridge. This year we went for large scale Ancient Egyptians!

On Monday 11th September, with the help of Mrs Fisher, Ms Tomlinson, Rachel (a volunteer from the festival), Mrs Ash and Mrs Parker, Year 5 made the willow structures and papered their five pyramids, Sphinx and a mummy!

Mrs Fisher helped the children to paint these on Tuesday and the final results can be viewed on Saturday 23rd September, somewhere along the route…here’s a sneak preview!! Great work, Year 5 – very impressive.

A massive thanks to anyone who helped, including Mrs Mills who had to mop the hall floor to get rid of all the dried glue! Sorry!


  1. Ms Tomlinson

    Wow they look fantastic now they are painted. Well Done Year 5!

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