Written by Amelia Kacar

On Monday 30th October I went to Kingswood with the rest of my class and I had a great time out there without my family.

First we went bouldering and it was really fun! On Tuesday morning we went on the nightline but my favourite activity was the 3G swing because when we went up, I felt nervous. It was so fast and I was really loud at screaming and my throat was hurting as well. If I had gone to the top then I would have been very scared.

We stayed at Kingswood for 3 days and 2 nights. At Kingswood we went on lots of activities because each day was a really full day. THE BEST DAYS EVER!

Thank you, Mrs Williams, for taking me to Kingswood. You are the best teacher ever and I wish that I could go to Kingswood again.

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