House Harvest Activity

Written by Mrs Williams

The whole school gathered together on the last morning of the first half term of the school year to celebrate Harvest in a new way! Working in the four house groups of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the children collaborated then collected before creating their designs!

Each house decided on a large scale collage picture before gathering the necessary natural resources. They then set to work creating the designs on the top playground. Thankfully the wind stayed calm and the rain held off. Leaves, sticks, rocks, logs and grass were placed carefully on the ground to become fur, bark, fungi, land, bricks, roofs…

The results were incredible. A helicopter or a drone would have been the best way of getting photographs of the finished products but the school’s tallest stepladder was the next best thing!

Spring House created a house, Summer recreated pictures of creatures and patterns, Autumn made the Earth and Winter designed a tree, a squirrel and a mushroom. More photos will be added to this post…watch this space!

Well done to Autumn House who won – judging was done by Reception Class!


  1. Isla and Ella

    Well done Autumn! We did not win but we had lots of fun

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