Geothermal NZ

Written by Lily Agombar

Kia ora! Hi….
For this blog I will be telling you about earthquakes and the geothermal reserve the Agombar’s visited.
New Zealand is a very volcanic place because it sits upon 2 tectonic plates, so that means they have earthquakes and a risk of tsunamis. It is a very geothermal place to live in! Now around 1 year ago there was a earthquake in the South Island of NZ which lifted up lots of rock, in some places 18 metres of rock raised up out of nowhere! In the picture of the ‘geothermal NZ’ I stood on the newly lifted rock. (Top left corner) If you don’t know how earthquakes are made here you go:
When the plates of the world rub (smash) into each other it makes a earthquake (thanks Mrs Plant for teaching me that).
Onto the geothermal Park, while there I can tell you this was the most smelly place ever (rotten egg smell!). It is where magma is close to the surface, and heats up water and mud to make it bubble and steam. It was in the North Island. The acid green pool was called the devil’s bath and the orange and green pool was called the champagne pool because it was bubbling with boiling water.
Blog soon….
Monday 8th January 2018!

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