Food from afar

Written by Mrs Williams

Not to be outdone by the fresh and varied diet being eaten by our travelling class member, Lily, Year 5 embarked on their own food adventure today.

In small groups they were given a tray containing seven foods which they were asked to identify using their sense of sight, touch or smell. Impressively, as a class, they identified the mango, root ginger, fig, lime and chilli. Once cut, revealing a stronger scent (which some children thought smelt of refreshers!), the ‘lemon’ part of the lemongrass was identified. The only one that was unidentifiable to the class was pak choi.

Next was to discover where in the world these foods come from and label these on a world map before learning the correct way to prepare a mango. Working sensibly with a knife, a chopping board and full instructions, each group managed to cut a mango and produce cubes of the delicious fruit to taste. With only two out of 28 children not liking the taste, and many more stating that was their first ever experience of mango, I’d say that was an afternoon well spent!

Thanks for your excellent listening skills and superb behaviour, Year 5!

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