Family time in New Zealand

Written by Lily Agombar

Hi it’s Lily,
This blog is about why we came to New Zealand (to visit our family). The Dunfords are made up of 3 people:
1. Mel Dunford
2. Josh Dunford
3. Ella Dunford
Mel is my auntie and Josh and Ella are my cousins. Josh is 10 and Ella 7. They have a fluffy, short hair silver tabby cat with yellow eyes. She is called Jazzy. New Zealand has 2 islands, they live in the North Island, in a city called Auckland. Because it’s so hot they have to wear sun block and a sun hat to school everyday. Above New Zealand the ozone has a big hole in it! That’s why it is super hot!
See you soon
Saturday 30th December


  1. Lily Agombar (author)

    I had so much fun in NZ

  2. Heidi-Mae

    Did you have a fun time with your family?

  3. Isla

    I wish I could have gone. you’re so lucky!

  4. Mrs Williams

    Christmas breakfast under a parasol! That’s a first for me! Mrs Williams x

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