Extra excitement on our morning run!

Written by Mrs Williams

Key Stage 2 children were very excited one morning last week when they found a beautiful dragonfly on the top playground whilst running their Daily Mile. The creature was very still when it was discovered and seemed grateful for the sanctuary of the box that became its temporary home before it was gently released into a quieter playground once morning lessons had begun.


  1. Libby

    It was sooo cool to see a dragonfly

  2. jessica

    It was so cool that we saw a dragonfly.

  3. Klaudia y5

    It was very awesome seeing the dragonfly

  4. Harry .rowland


  5. Charlotte

    It was very exciting!

  6. Lucy

    I hope it is ok.

  7. Ivan Hardy-Birt

    It was amazing

  8. Mrs Fisher

    I was very impressed that most children knew this was a dragon fly and had some great knowledge about where they live and what they eat

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