EU Referendum Day

Written by Mrs Williams

To coincide with the country going to the polls on Thursday 23rd June, New Mills Primary School held their elections for the people to represent them on the High Peak Kid’s Council next academic year. The candidates were current Year 5 pupils who all stood in the hall and spoke confidently about why they would like to be the representatives. Each Year Two, Three, Four and Five pupil gets two votes – for one boy and one girl.

Voting took place back in the classrooms and ballot papers were posted into a box to be counted. Results will be announced on Friday.

Year 5 also spent the day learning about the EU Referendum. They visited the polling station at New Mills Town Hall and towards the end of the afternoon they had another vote – if they were eligible to vote, how would they have used their vote today. The results were: 61% to Remain in the EU and 39% to Leave. We will see how this compares with the country’s decision tomorrow.


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