Eco-bricks at New Mills Primary!

Written by Mrs Williams

When asked to save their non-recyclable soft plastic, many people at school didn’t realise just how much of this we throw away in our black bins each week. The bags that lots of our fruit and vegetables come in, the wrapping around the boxes of photocopier paper at school, carrier bags that have holes in, sweet wrappers, greeting card wrappers…the list goes on and on!

Year 5 and 6 began the task of making their eco-bricks last week. Working in pairs, the children began with a clean, dry 500ml plastic bottle. They worked together to stuff the bottles with pieces of the soft plastic. Having been advised that the bottom of the bottle was the trickiest bit, the children made sure they packed the plastic into the base of each bottle (snapping several paintbrushes in the process). Wooden spoons proved to be a little stronger for pushing the plastic down!

Filling each bottle took much longer than any of us imagined; only two bottles met the quality test – weighing at least 167g and being rock solid when squished! – by the end of the afternoon.

We have many more bottles to fill to give us enough ‘bricks’ to build a seat or a planter. Year 5 & 6 will be adding to their eco-brick collection next week.

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