Dig for Victory gardens

Written by Mrs Williams

Year 5 had great fun this week creating their own ‘Dig for Victory’ gardens out of a shoe box lid (or baking tray), a tin can and lots of ingenuity!

They began with scrunched up newspaper and a layer of papier mache, followed by painting before the true creating began…vegetables, Anderson Shelters, paths, trees.

Over two afternoons the gardens took shape and with a final few additions on Friday morning, every child had a creation to be proud of. Unfortunately the wet weather at hometime on Friday meant that not everybody could take them home.

Thank you to parents for helping to collect the necessary components! Thank you to the children for collecting extra resources at home and for working so well together and sharing ideas. And finally, thank you to Mrs Hulme for scraping dried glue off the tables, sweeping bird seed off the carpet and scrubbing the paint off the sink!! We don’t make a mess very often; but when we do we make sure we do it really well!!

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