Dance Festival

Written by Mrs Williams

On Wednesday 25th January, five schools from around New Mills took part in the Area Dance Festival at New Mills School. The festival provides the opportunity for children to show dances that they have been working on in school time and to perform on a proper stage. The performances ranged from a solo dance to a whole class display.

We took a record number of children to this event this year – 50 in total, all from Key Stage 2. The ten groups had practised their routines during break and lunchtimes. Not only did they all choose their own music but they all choreographed their routines themselves too.

There was great support for all the dancers in the school hall. For some of these children, it was their first opportunity to perform on a large stage – well done – what an achievement!

Mrs Fisher would like to make a special mention to Toby in Year 5 as the leading light behind the Year 5 boys crazy dance – it was a truly original piece of work!

Thank you to those parents who came to support us and to the children for being so easy to look after!! 



  1. Lily Agombar y4

    Oh I can’t wait for the next festival

  2. Danni

    We HAVE to do it again!

  3. Mrs Fisher

    very proud of all our kids at this event – some really innovative routines

  4. Isabel Fletcher-Shaw

    Great fun! Can’t wait for next year!

  5. Gina Parker

    I loved watching you all. You all did some fantastic routines. Well done everyone!!

  6. Senna Y5

    Can’t wait for next year !!!!:]

  7. Charlotte

    Sooooo much fun! I want to do it again!!!

  8. Hazel y5

    Great dancing!!☺

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