Cyclo Cross – another first for NMPS!

Written by Mrs Williams

On the back of another success at the annual swimming gala, New Mills Primary entered a Cyclo Cross event for the first time ever! The local event was cancelled due to bad weather and grounds but we were invited to attend an event in Tintwhistle on Thursday 21st July. Mrs Fisher took her team of six on a beautifully sunny afternoon. There were teams from Dinting, St Luke’s and Tintwhistle as well as us. The children took part in a variety of races round a grass track on the school grounds. All pupils rode proper drop handle bar cyclocross bikes – for many children this was a first. Every member of the team showed great determination, super teamwork and excellent sportsmanship.  Well done to Alex G, Harry, Peter, Kiera, Poppy and their Team Captain, Erin. Let’s hope this becomes a regular event on our school calendar.


  1. Charlotte

    Wow! First time ever!

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