Christmas Tree Festival

Written by Mrs Williams

Year 5 took their display from their trip to the Tour of Britain Cycle Race straight off the classroom wall and transferred it to a Christmas tree at St George’s Church Christmas Tree Festival! Mrs Ratcliffe even knitted a yellow jersey to have in place of a star on the very top of the tree! The lights shone through the different stages of the route and the pipe-cleaner bikes made by the children were hung from the tree. A few photos of the day filled in any spaces.

On Friday, Year 5 walked to the church to see their tree and to look around at all the other trees. There were voting forms available – I wonder which tree the children decided to vote for? They posted their forms into the silver box at the back of the church…just like the democratic system we use when voting for something in school.

Some of the children visited the church again over the weekend with their families to share their work and the Christmassy atmosphere. 

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