Change for Life – Healthy Pizza making

Written by Mrs Williams

Four Change for Life Ambassadors in Year 5 used skills they learnt at the recent conference in Buxton, to teach their peers how to make a healthy pizza.

Using a wrap instead of dough as the base, the children used fresh produce to add their toppings. The rules were that their pizza should contain at least three different toppings and they should try everything. The children responded very positively with some people trying things they had never tried before.

The toppings were cheese, peppers, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, chillis, basil, spinach and rosemary.

Many of the pizzas were creatively designed to represent a face – take a look at some of the photographs.

Well done, Year 5 – you listened brilliantly and responded to your ambassadors with respect.

Well done to Alex, Ella, Ryan and Olivia B – you brought your new skills to the classroom alongside your leadership skills. Mrs Fisher and I were very impressed.


  1. Hazel

    They look yummy!

  2. Eli

    This was great fun and it also tasted great! I’m going to try this recipe at some point

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