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Eco-bricks at New Mills Primary!

Written by Mrs Williams

When asked to save their non-recyclable soft plastic, many people at school didn’t realise just how much of this we throw away in our black bins each week. The bags that lots of our fruit and vegetables come in, the wrapping around the boxes of photocopier paper at school, carrier bags that have holes in, sweet wrappers, greeting card wrappers…the list goes on and on!

Year 5 and 6 began the task of making their eco-bricks last week. Working in pairs, the children began with a clean, dry 500ml plastic bottle. They worked together to stuff the bottles with pieces of the soft plastic. Having been advised that the bottom of the bottle was the trickiest bit, the children made sure they packed the plastic into the base of each bottle (snapping several paintbrushes in the process). Wooden spoons proved to be a little stronger for pushing the plastic down!

Filling each bottle took much longer than any of us imagined; only two bottles met the quality test – weighing at least 167g and being rock solid when squished! – by the end of the afternoon.

We have many more bottles to fill to give us enough ‘bricks’ to build a seat or a planter. Year 5 & 6 will be adding to their eco-brick collection next week.

World Book Day!!!

Written by HarryR

On the 7th of March the whole school dressed as characters out of books such as Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and characters from top authors. We had a lot of fun and in the afternoon Y5 and Y6  watched a World Book Day Live Lesson that was located in Y5 classroom. On Friday (the day after World Book Day), there was a competition and there were two winners in Key Stage 1 and two in Key Stage 2.

Cyclists go zoom zoom!

Written by LibbyS

On Friday the 25th of January, Year 5 and 6 went to Manchester Velodrome. As the first few races began, when it got down to 10 seconds we all started to count down; we weren’t meant to! But the second time round the man on the loudspeaker asked us to keep the arena nice and quiet so the riders could concentrate. I was sitting next to Niamh and in front of me was Kimiyaa and Maisie. I enjoyed it!


Written by GeorgeH

A selection of children from Year 3, 4, 5 and  6 have put together some dances in groups. The performances will take place at New Mills Secondary School. Unfortunately parents are not able to go and watch this year, but look out for the special assembly in school where our talents will be on display. The event will feature lots of amazing dances that are sure to bring the school down.


























Year 5’s time at Kingwood

Written by JessicaM

At Kingswood, the first thing we did was go to our rooms to find out who we were with and to make our beds; that was fun! One of the activities we did was Leap of Faith (see the photos) – it was scary but awesome but the very best activity was the 3G swing. Another favourite was the Nightline. I loved Kingswood; I just wish we could go again.

Sportshall Athletics

Written by MaisieD

Key stage 2 have been working very hard preparing for the upcoming Sportshall Athletics competition. Mrs Fisher has bought some new equipment for our PE lessons and we have been using it – it’s great! We are all excited for the competition. Our school is very competitive but also have very good sporting behaviour. We show this regularly at school and at local events.


Year 5 and 6 trip to the Velodrome

Written by JackP

The Year 5 and 6 trip to the velodrome on Friday 25th January was very exciting.

Cyclists beat the world record over two laps by eleven seconds!

On the downside, it was boiling in the seating area.

The arena was massive. Some of the most impressive athletes were the ones with prosthetic legs.

Dance festival 2019

Written by TeganI

It’s 2019 and the Dance Festival (Year 3 – 6) is back!

We are going on Wednesday 30th January. It is at New Mills Secondary School.


The routine must be no more than 1.30 minutes long. No makeup. No crop tops. No asking parents to buy costumes! We will be seated in different categories: solos, duets, trios and groups. Want to know more? See Mrs Fisher!

Year 5 and Year 6 trip to the cinema

Written by HarryR

Year 5 and 6’s trip to the cinema was exciting; we watched ‘Nativity Rocks’ at the Light Cinema which is in Redrock, Stockport. We were in a private screening.

The film was amazing – there was a lot going on and it was very funny.

I think no matter what you’re interested in, you would like it.

Year 5 and 6 trip to the cinema

Written by MaddisonS

We went to the cinema on Monday 17 December; we travelled to Stockport on a train and watched ‘Nativity Rocks’. A lot of us started to cry. It was the best film I’ve ever watched. In my opinion, it beats Jumanji , Coco, the Emoji movie and Inside Out! I would recommend it to everyone!

New books are on our shelves!

Written by MaisieD

Thanks to our successful book fair we have managed to raise enough money to buy new books for Key Stage 2. Our books have been arranged in to colour bands and we will get given a colour so we know what stage we are on. The teachers worked very hard to arrange the book fair and we hope to do lots more in the future. New Mills Primary is a very happy and healthy school where the teachers treat their pupils with love and respect.