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Australia day

Written by JackK

On Australia Day, in the afternoon, we did lots of their sports, such as volleyball, rugby, tennis and cricket. I had lots of fun and I am sure everyone else did too. A big thank you to the teachers for organising our whole school Australia day!


Dig for Victory Gardens

Written by Mrs Williams

As part of their World War Two topic, the children in Year 5 combined many Design Technology skills to create their own Dig for Victory gardens. Each garden had its own Anderson Shelter and used as much space as possible to grow vegetables. Some very creative work took place to make carrots, cauliflowers, tomatoes, etc.

Each child was proud of their finished garden and thoroughly enjoyed their creative project. The end results were pretty impressive too.

Another blog been posted

Written by Isobel Brown

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Another blog

Written by Isobel Brown

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Another blog post

Written by Isobel Brown


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PS I miss you guys loads