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World Book Day!!!

Written by HarryR

On the 7th of March the whole school dressed as characters out of books such as Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and characters from top authors. We had a lot of fun and in the afternoon Y5 and Y6  watched a World Book Day Live Lesson that was located in Y5 classroom. On Friday (the day after World Book Day), there was a competition and there were two winners in Key Stage 1 and two in Key Stage 2.

Missing necklace

Written by Lily Agombar

Have you seen a silver dragonfly necklace? It is a thin silver chain and a tiny silver dragonfly with  baby blue coloured crystals, if found PLEASE return to Year Six.

Sculpture park

Written by Lily Agombar

Friday 5th October saw the whole school come together to show their week’s work involving recycled plastic. New Mills Primary School’s first ever Sculpture Park was themed around the Ocean’s plight. All pupils from Reception to Year 6 did their part to help make our fantastic park. Parents and friends of the school visited on Friday afternoon, offering donations to wander through the outdoor display. They could also buy little maps to show them which way to walk through the park and where the different sculptures were. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 made big class sculptures. Year 3 and 4 made little sculptures which were put together to make bigger sculptures. Year 5 and 6 worked in groups and designed and made sculptures of various sizes. The money raised will go to the school ????!

New Mills Primary School do the Royal Wedding!

Written by Mrs Williams

Our Reception children celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They all wore their fancy clothes instead of their school uniform and celebrated with “posh party” food in the afternoon! Mrs Hambleton and Mrs Jones dressed up to; both sporting some fancy headwear!

We hope you all enjoy Saturday’s national celebrations as much as you enjoyed your own on Friday!

Carol Service at Mellor Road Church

Written by Mrs Williams

The last day of term was far from quiet at New Mills Primary School! The day began with the whole school walking down to the church on Mellor Road. As Reception brought up the end of the procession, members of the public did a double-take…a donkey, camels, shepherds…

The church was filled with friends and family who were entertained by the children’s singing and the clear voices of Year 6 as they led us through the service.

Another lovely carol service completed!

Christmas House Day

Written by Mrs Williams

Wednesday 13th December was a busy day at New Mills Primary School. Not only was it Christmas Dinner day, it was also Lego Day and ‘Decorate a Christmas Tree’ in Houses Day!!

Spring House went with an Alien theme, Summer decorated their tree with sweets, Autumn went for a ‘Christmas Around the World’ theme and Winter decorated a tree in the Key Stage 2 playground for the birds with garlands and decorations made of bird food.

The competition was judged by Miss Moody who chose Summer House as the winners – CONGRATULATIONS!

Reception & Year 6 buddies

Written by Mrs Williams

Last Thursday saw the return of the buddy system between Year 6 and Reception pupils. The children were matched with a buddy and spent half an hour sharing stories together and getting to know each other. Some stayed in Reception classroom, others went into the hall.

Both age groups thoroughly enjoyed the short time they spent together and are looking forward to repeating it on a weekly basis.

The School Council have been keen to get this scheme up and running and should be proud of their perseverance. The next stage will involve the current Year 5 children meeting next year’s Reception children when they begin their visits to school in the summer term so that the buddy system can begin straight away at the beginning of the school year.

Key Stage One Christmas Performance

Written by Mrs Williams

The whole of Key Stage Two were treated to the dress rehearsal of “Hey Ewe” this morning. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for one of the performances tomorrow, you’re in for a treat!

There were sensational solos, lovely clear voices, great dancing and so many smiles! The children all looked like they were having such a good time – well done to every single one of you.

Design The Elephant Competition!

Written by Alex Kennedy

On the 17th of November letters went round about a design the elephant competition arranged by the School Council. There was also a name the elephant competition if you didn’t want to colour and design the elephant. Each entry cost 50p so school can buy the paint required. Competitors had one week to enter. On Friday the 24th the School Council did the judging for both the name and the design. We judged the designs first and the winner was Poppy in Year 2! We voted for this design as it represented our school with a rainbow and a sunshine which looks like our school logo!

We then judged the names and once again Poppy in Year 2 won it with the name Skye as it matched the design. It’s a shame it’s not blue sky everyday though. All the entry money will go towards buying the paint to design the elephant. Thank you to everyone who entered even if you didn’t win. I’m really happy with the results. Congratulations to Poppy in Year 2 for winning both design and name the elephant!

House Harvest Activity

Written by Mrs Williams

The whole school gathered together on the last morning of the first half term of the school year to celebrate Harvest in a new way! Working in the four house groups of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the children collaborated then collected before creating their designs!

Each house decided on a large scale collage picture before gathering the necessary natural resources. They then set to work creating the designs on the top playground. Thankfully the wind stayed calm and the rain held off. Leaves, sticks, rocks, logs and grass were placed carefully on the ground to become fur, bark, fungi, land, bricks, roofs…

The results were incredible. A helicopter or a drone would have been the best way of getting photographs of the finished products but the school’s tallest stepladder was the next best thing!

Spring House created a house, Summer recreated pictures of creatures and patterns, Autumn made the Earth and Winter designed a tree, a squirrel and a mushroom. More photos will be added to this post…watch this space!

Well done to Autumn House who won – judging was done by Reception Class!

Travelling Science Show

Written by Mrs Arnfield

On Tuesday 27th June, NMPS were lucky to experience a travelling science show, which included a variety of experiments, demonstrations and lots of audience participation! The children were greatly enthused and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Key Stage One developed their enquiry skills during their working scientifically show. This allowed the children the opportunity to predict, test, measure and classify, using all of their senses in a wide range of experiments. Adrian, the leader, said that the children were very attentive and listened well for the whole show and they asked some great questions. During a coke/mints experiment they asked: Will it make a bigger fizz if you put 5 pints in?

The Key Stage Two show; Light and Sound presentation was a great success. The children’s contributions were excellent. It was lovely to see them share their knowledge and get so involved! This session allowed the children to further develop their understanding of how light travels, shadow formation and how we see colours. The sound section focused on how vibrations make sound and whether it can travel through water, wood and metal. The children particularly enjoyed the loudness and pitch demonstrations. Adrian said,” Key Stage Two asked some interesting and tricky questions, such as: Why, when you press a switch doesn’t the light come on straight away? and, Why do you still see light when you close your eyes?”

It was an enjoyable day of science for all. Adrian, the presenter was extremely impressed with the children’s scientific questions and their responses to his questions. They were keen to contribute throughout the day.

This is what some of the children said about the day:

Reception/Mrs Hambleton: “We thought it was very exciting!”

Zach/Kiyaana (Y1): “ I never knew such big rulers existed!”

“I didn’t know that if you put mints in cola it would explode!”

Lucy/Mia (Y2): “We loved the diet coke experiment!”

Maisie/Harry (Y3):“ I liked it when he shone the light and the bubbles turned into a rainbow.”

“I loved the straws and the sounds they made.”

Isla/Tom (Y4): “I really enjoyed the show because it was really interesting learning about light and sound.”

“I really enjoyed it, it was super fun!”

Jess (Y5): “I really enjoyed it and hope everyone can reflect on it in the future.”

Poppy/Ethan (Y6): “I found the way he explained things very clear and he did it in a fun way. I learnt that sound travels through everything, except space because there is no oxygen in space.”

“At the science show I learned that sound and vibrations travel through wood and metal. I really enjoyed it!”