Written by Mrs Williams

Many of our Year 5 pupils are learning how to be safe when cycling this week and next. Trained staff are teaching them the basics of road safety as well how to handle their bikes in different situations.

Twelve children took part on Monday and Tuesday of this week (and are finishing off their course on Friday because of the bad weather on Tuesday morning!) and the remainder of those interested will do their training on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Well done, Year 5! All the comments so far have been incredibly positive and commendable.


  1. Mrs Williams (author)

    You’re right, Millie. There were two Year 6s as well. I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Millie y6

    There were two Year 6s too. It was really fun. I did it☺☺

  3. Mrs Fisher

    Well done year 5 it was great to see you all increasing in confidence over the 2 days

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