Aviva Women’s Tour & Girl’s Cyclocross event

Written by Mrs Williams

On Friday 17th June the Aviva Women’s Tour Cycle Race came through Buxton on its way to Chesterfield. As part of the build up to the Tour, High Peak School and Sport Partnership, along with Cycle Derby, held a Cyclocross taster event for girls in primary schools across the region. The event was held in Ashwood Park in Buxton and was attended by three schools; New Mills Primary, St Luke’s and Harpur Hill.

After familiarising themselves with the bikes, the girls had a skills session with staff from Cycle Derby. They then took part in a series of cyclocross style races over a twisty and muddy course in the park. The girls from New Mills Primary School showed courage, determination and a great team spirit. Many of them had never ridden a proper cyclocross bike with drop handle bars before and started out quite hesitantly. However as the races progressed, the girls gained in confidence and by the end of the event, were first to the start line on each race, raring to go and keen to see just how fast they could go over the twisting course.

After the racing we headed up to the main road to watch the Women’s Tour go past complete with media, support cars and around fifteen Police motorbikes.

The girls who went with Mrs Fisher were Poppy Grove (who got stuck straight in to the racing), Lucy Higton (her first event with New Mills Primary), Olivia Howie (who was riding with her head down and gritted teeth by the end…a racer in the making), Beth Longshaw (a little different from gymnastics!), Sharnna Schabel (who left all her fears behind her after a very short amount of time), Danielle Shore (who thoroughly enjoyed the whole event) and Kiera Woolley (who had never been out of breath riding a bike before!).

The girls also feature quite heavily on the media pictures from the High Peak School and Sport Partnership which are on their Facebook page which offers some great publicity for the school.

Mrs Fisher says that it was the best day she has had in a long time. She says it was an amazing confidence boost for them all and gave them a brilliant combination of participating in a sport and then watching the professionals do it. Facepaints, flags, horns and big smiles all round!

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