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Year 4 perform with the Halle!!

Written by Mrs Broadley


On Tuesday, Year 4 had the most amazing opportunity to play with the Halle orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The children have worked incredibly hard in our strings lessons on Mondays to learn four different pieces (two orchestral and two vocal). After an early start, we arrived at the Bridgewater Hall in time to have a quick rehearsal with schools from all over the North West before the orchestra arrived on stage and played several well known pieces. We then joined in performing our pieces before some more music from the Halle – including a very dramatic Tchaikovsky finale!

The trip has not only helped to inspire our budding musicians, but also links with our science topic this term. We are learning all about sound, and what better than a first hand experience of a world class concert hall, designed purely for acoustic purposes?!

It was clear to see that the children all thoroughly enjoyed the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to play with a world famous orchestra! Their behaviour was exceptional and as always it was a pleasure to take them on a trip and have them represent the school. We are all very proud of them and hope they will remember the trip for years to come. Thank you to all parents for getting the children to the Co-op on time for the early start!!

The children will be writing about their experiences in school tomorrow – so watch this space for more details of the trip in their own words!

Links to a couple of videos!: IMG_1566 IMG_1563

Whole School Maths Puzzle Day

Written by Mrs Broadley

On Monday, all of the children at NMPS were able to put their problem solving skills to the test at our Maths puzzle day.

Children worked in small groups to solve a variety of puzzles which were designed to develop their reasoning skills as well as encourage the use of mathematical vocabulary and teamwork.

Tim, our instructor, commented on how impressed he was with everybody’s attitudes to the puzzles – everyone was willing to give it a go, no matter how challenging! All staff were very proud to see our children working so well with each other, discussing their thoughts using mathematical language and listening carefully to everybody’s ideas. Well done everyone!

Here are what some of the children said about the day.

Maxi, Stan and Josh in Year 1: I liked the shapes activity because I enjoyed building them in the right order (Josh). I loved building the bricks, it was so spectacular (Maxi). I learned that solving puzzles needs more than one person to get done! (Stan).

Joseph in Year 2: “I enjoyed the puzzle day, it was fantastic. My favourite part was where you had to copy a pattern using bricks. It was a bit tricky but we managed it by teamwork.”

George, Harrison, Harry and Theo in Year 3: “We liked doing the puzzle with the prince and princess, the tower building blocks, the horseshoe because it was very challenging and the jigsaw as Mrs Shepley helped us!”

Isobel, Liam and Alex in Year 4: “Our favourite parts were making the puzzle inside another puzzle and moving the prince to the princess.”

Hazel and Emily in Year 5: “It was very challenging but we enjoyed it. There were lots of different puzzles.”

Erin in Year 6: “The puzzles were puzzling. The confidence was courageous and the team work was tremendous. I also helped the little ones and they helped me – the puzzle day was as fun as can be!”

My Viking Family – By Liam, Y4

Written by Mrs Broadley

Hello, I’m Jonny Viking,
I live in a boat beside the water.
This is my friend Billy,
We like to go out and slaughter.

Now this is Baby Viking,
in his big breaking cot.
Without sun and daylight,
the food can really rot.

Hear are our Viking children,
Lon, Bon and Fon.
And here is Mrs Viking,
Chatting to Uncle Ron.

Now this is Rusk, our Viking dog,
We’ve taught him how to eat.
He’s only a few days old you see,
but he really deserves a treat!



Year 4’s Fantastic Strings Concert

Written by Mrs Broadley

On Monday 23rd January, Year 4 performed an amazing strings concert for the whole of the school, parents and friends.

They shared some of the fantastic songs they have learned with Emma and Tom, and even got the school and parents to join in!

Then they showed what they have learned so far on the violin, viola and cello, playing three pieces with confidence. Everyone was so impressed with how much they have learned in such a short time.

Well done Year 4!!



Our Trip to MoSI by Lily

Written by Mrs Broadley

Yesterday, we when on the best, fab, cool, exciting trip of my history! Yes, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. MoSI is one of my favourite places!

First, we walked to New Town station. It was a very long walk but it was worth it. We caught the train to Piccadilly station. Oh boy, it was humungous!

The second we arrived at Piccadilly, I was amazed to see such a busy city. Not like little old New Mills! We set off to MoSI, but to get there in style we needed to take a tram! The tram had monkey bars which only a couple could reach and I was one! We got off the tram and walked to MoSI.

As soon as we got to the Museum of Science and Industry, I was so excited I sang for joy (Isla didn’t like it!). We went to Circuit City, it was brill! First we tested a radio hat. Luke K wore the hat, he says “it was hard like a lump of bedrock”.

Olivio O cycled and on the meter she only made 150W and a big machine can make 15,000,000 MW! That’s a lot! Following that, I was asked to be blown by a massive hair dryer. We tested which out of copper, rubber and cotton conducted electricity. Rubber was the best insulator and the conductor was the copper. How amazing science can be if you look from a different angle!

After that we had lunch, delicious! Next we went to the experiment lab and saw:

  • Shadow puppets,
  • Colour mixing,
  • Water friction ball,
  • Lift up a mini,
  • Sound beams,

And loads more!

Next we went to the steam hall, that was my favourite part. There was a man who was surrounded by steam! Then we went straight to the air and space hall.

Then we went home (on and by the way, I got chocolate on the train!!)

Our Trip to MoSI by Luca

Written by Mrs Broadley

Yesterday, we walked down to New Mills train station and we got a big huge train to Manchester Piccadilly train station. Then we walked down some stairs and a broken escalator to get a bumpy tram ride to Deansgate. We walked down the noisy, busy path and road to MoSI.

In MoSI, we went up the long tiring staircase. Then we went to Circuit City where we learned about dynamos. We powered a bike which powered a dynamo which powered a radio hat. Then we powered a meter to see how much electricity we had. We made 150W, not much. Then Lily put a wig on, it was curly – she looked like Einstein. We pedalled a bit more and it turned a hair dryer on. It blew the wig like mad! Then we tested conductors and insulators – copper, cotton and rubber. The best conductor was rubber. We put a belt on Mrs Broadley and the earth wire was not connected so she got an electric shock.

Then we had some yummy lunch. We walked to the experiement room and I went on the water ball and the sun ball. I liked the coloured bubbles the best, they were very majestic. We walked down to the power hall and talked about some cool engines and saw some trains and steam engines. We walked out and to the museum of planes and vehicles. We looked at the vehicles and had a picture. Then we went home on the train and we had some chocolate!

My favourite part was when Mrs Broadley got electrocuted. I thought the most interesting part was Circuit City.

Our Trip to MoSI by Ryan

Written by Mrs Broadley

We all walked to the giant wide New Town train station. Five minutes later we caught the train to Piccadilly.

It was a busy train, so we were all split up. Half an hour later we arrived at Piccadilly train station, then we got a tram to Deansgate. After a while of walking we arrived at the Museum of Science and Industry. We hung our bags up then went to Circuit City.

We learned that a dynamo is a machine that can be powered by a big wheel and a small dynamo can be powered by a bike wheel. We tested a radio hat and a giant hairdryer, then we put a muscle belt on Mrs Broadley and she got an electric shock.

Later we went to the experiment room. It was so fun, it was like a playground that was in the future. One hour later, we went into the power hall where they had a water wheel and a steam train. Smoke was everywhere, it was so hot! After that we went to the air and space hall and there was a teddy flying a plane!!! Later, we got a tram back to Piccadilly and got a train back home. On the train we all got 3 chocolate balls.

My favourite part was seeing the teddy flying the plane. I thought the most interesting part was learning about the dynamo.

Our Trip to MoSI by Rowan

Written by Mrs Broadley

First we walked to New Town station. It looked quite old to me. Amelia and I sang a few songs while we waited for the train to arrive. When the train arrived we got a carriage each. On the way we passed four stations and two tunnels. I made a tick list on the way. Then we saw an orange and black building. We could just about see Beetham Tower standing there as if it was the tallest skyscraper in the world. We arrived at Piccadilly station. We got off the train. We went down two sets of stairs. Then we were at a tram station. The tram was there on the other side of the station. Then we could hear the tram coming on our side of the station. The tram had yellow spots on it, going from big to small. We got on the tram. Inside the tram was grey and yellow. There were some rubber monkey bars on the tram. After a bit, we arrived at Deansgate. On the way, we passed Piccadilly Gardens. At Deansgate, the Beetham tower was in sight. Near the Deansgate tram station was a hexagonal bridge. It had black poles on it. We walked down some steps and started walking. The Beetham Tower had two top floors of glass which it’s architect owns. The architect grew trees on the top two floors. The Beetham tower looked very tall. We walked past the entrance of Beetham tower.

Then we could see the MoSI. We walked up to the MoSI and went to the entrance. Mrs Broadley and Mrs Plant paid to enter the MoSI. Then we walked up one set of stairs. We then walked up another set of stairs. We put our coats and bags on some coat hangers. Then we walked down a corridor. Our guide opened a door and then we walked in. We all sat down. We were doing Circuit City! Often we shouted ‘Test it!’ Luke K came up and Ella came up, then everyone sang ‘Get on the bike’

Get on the bike,

Get on the bike,

Ella get on the bike,

Du du du…

The first invensiton was called the radio hat. Luke K put on the hat. Ella started pedalling the bike. The radio hat…. Well what did it do? It told the radio! Inside a dynamo is a magnet that spins round when a wheel connected to the dynamo spins. When the magnet spins it creates electricity. This electricity goes through a wire and powers what the wire is connected to.

Now the hair dryer, but first the meter. The meter tells you how many Watts you’re using. The hairdryer was brown. It was also very big. It was made of copper. Then we sung get on the bike again. Lily put on a wig, she looked like Einstein. The person on the bike started pedalling.  The hairdryer turned on and blowed air on Lily. Next we did conductors and insulators. There was the materials:

  • Copper
  • Rubber
  • And cotton

Copper was a conductor. Cotton and rubber are insulators. Any metals are conductors.

Then there was the earth wire! Mrs Broadley tried on a strong belt. On the first try, Mrs Broadley got electrocuted! She started shaking as soon as two rows of purple lights turned on. The guide told the person on the bike to stop pedalling. We put the earth wire next to Mrs Broadley. The person on the bike started to pedal. Mrs Broadley didn’t shake! Instead, the rows of purple lights turned on and nothing else happened. The guide opened the door and took us back through the corridor. Next, we had lunch.

The guide opened the trolley with the letter I on it. Everyone got out their dinners and sat on the purple benches next to a purple table. We started eating lunch. After lunch we went to the experiment lab. At the experiment lab, the first thing we saw was a yellow, bland and white mini. It had an oval shaped thing attached to it. There was a black square shaped thing near it. And on the black thing there was a wheel that you could turn round. When someone turns the wheel, the oval thing will move round, lifting the mini with it. Tom L turned the wheel. The mini started moving upwards. Next we saw a recycling related thing. Next to it was a giant keyboard that looked like a computer. When someone stepped on that keyboard something to do with recycling would happen. Next was the shape related things. First, there was tennis balls that were attached in lines. Then there was something with shapes that you had to make a triangle with. There was something like this to do with shapes. This time you had to make a square. Then there was shape that could fit in a square, circle or triangle. There was also a toddler play thing. Then there was an orange planet that you could spin round. Then there was a selection of pipes. There was also a blue sponge bat. If you hit a pipe with the bat it makes a sound. The highest sound pipe is the grey pipe. The medium one is green. The lowest sound pipe is the dark blue. There is a stand with a song to play. If you bat the song with the sponge bat it will make a nice tune. Then there was a bicycle. If someone rides the bike, a light turns off and something creepy happens. You see through some glass and there is a creepy skeleton riding a bike in the same way you were riding. The skeleton was wearing a curly hair wig. The wig was pale and cream in colour. Everyone thought the skeleton was creepy. Then there were some footsteps on the floor. You had to follow them using glasses. Basically the glasses did not help! In fact, it made it harder to follow the footprints! Most people thought the experiment lab was the best part.

We walked down the steps. We could see Beetham tower from the steps. A bit that we didn’t see is the wool, cotton and rope section. Next we walked to the steam house. There was a special exhibition for us there. When we went in there was a red water wheel by the side of where we were standing. Then we walked to a steam engine. A guide told us all about it.