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Written by Grace Howie

Year 5 went on a very exciting trip to Kingswood. We all got onto the coach and I sat down next to Lucy. Finally when we arrived at Kingswood we got sorted out into our rooms. I was in a room with Lucy, Ella and Nell. We all got settled into our rooms and then we went outside for our first activity. My first activity was the Leap of Faith and it was really fun. There was a pole you climbed up and you had to try and get onto the platform and then jump off the platform and reach for the yellow ball. Then we went back inside and had tea – it was really yummy. Then we went back outside for the campfire. The campfire was super duper fun – we named the fire Jeff. And we told lots of jokes and riddles and we ate toasted marshmallows. Then we had a hot chocolate and went to bed.

The next day we had breakfast and then got ready for our next activity. I’m not going to talk about all of them but my two favourites were the 3-G swing and the Zipwire. I went right to the top on the 3-G swing and it was so fun when you swung there was a big drop. The Zipwire was so cool because I like the fact that you just go zooming down.  Another one of my favourites was the problem solving because I like how we had to all work together to achieve our task .

One of my favourite challenge was the Scrapheap Challenge. It was really funny! You had to make something out of a bin bag and we made Lucy into a zombie bridesmaid. We also had to try and protect our water balloon just by using cardboard.

I really enjoyed Kingswood and I thought it was a really good experience. I hope future Year fives will enjoy it too!


Y5 and Y6 trip to the BBC

Written by Grace Howie

On the 2nd of November Year 5 and Year 6 went on a trip to Media City to see Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind-up. We got on the  train to Piccadilly station. Then we got the tram to Media City where we ate our yummy lunch. Then we went and had a look around the Blue Peter garden – there were lots of golden badges on the floor of people who had won a golden Blue Peter badge, including the Queen, Beth Tweddle, David Walliams , Roald Dahl and many more.

Finally we got into the building and we went through security and then we waited……and waited……and waited. BUT THEN…….we got into the studio where they film Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind-up. First we saw Matt Terry sing a song called “Sucker for You” and he sang it twice. Then they did lots of challenges. My favourite challenges were “Celeb of Doom” and “Eggy Mummy”. In the “Celeb of Doom”, Cel Spellman made Sam and Mark… oh, I won’t tell you that bit – you will just have to watch CBBC in January! In “Eggy Mummy” they covered themselves in egg! That’s all you’re getting out of me!

On the way back we were all extremely tired. We got the tram and then we got the train back to New Mills Newtown…that was our exciting day at Media City!