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Dig for Victory Gardens

Written by Mrs Williams

As part of their World War Two topic, the children in Year 5 combined many Design Technology skills to create their own Dig for Victory gardens. Each garden had its own Anderson Shelter and used as much space as possible to grow vegetables. Some very creative work took place to make carrots, cauliflowers, tomatoes, etc.

Each child was proud of their finished garden and thoroughly enjoyed their creative project. The end results were pretty impressive too.

Eco-bricks at New Mills Primary!

Written by Mrs Williams

When asked to save their non-recyclable soft plastic, many people at school didn’t realise just how much of this we throw away in our black bins each week. The bags that lots of our fruit and vegetables come in, the wrapping around the boxes of photocopier paper at school, carrier bags that have holes in, sweet wrappers, greeting card wrappers…the list goes on and on!

Year 5 and 6 began the task of making their eco-bricks last week. Working in pairs, the children began with a clean, dry 500ml plastic bottle. They worked together to stuff the bottles with pieces of the soft plastic. Having been advised that the bottom of the bottle was the trickiest bit, the children made sure they packed the plastic into the base of each bottle (snapping several paintbrushes in the process). Wooden spoons proved to be a little stronger for pushing the plastic down!

Filling each bottle took much longer than any of us imagined; only two bottles met the quality test – weighing at least 167g and being rock solid when squished! – by the end of the afternoon.

We have many more bottles to fill to give us enough ‘bricks’ to build a seat or a planter. Year 5 & 6 will be adding to their eco-brick collection next week.

Paris 2018

Written by Mrs Williams

Thirty lucky pupils from New Mills Primary School got to experience the culture of Paris on a school trip in July. It all started when the Year 6 pupils (when in Year 5) were given a piece of homework to find out how much it would cost for the class to visit Paris. Surprisingly, they discovered that the cost wasn’t that much more than the residential to Lea Green! The next task was a piece of persuasive writing convincing Miss Whetstone that we should be able to go! After reading some of these out in assembly, Miss Whetstone said, “I’m not saying no!”

A little research later and the possibility became reality with thirty children signed up! On 9th July, eighteen Year 6 pupils, seven Year 5s and five Year 4s excitedly met at midnight to board a luxury coach to Dover! Four fun-packed days followed…they visited Sacre Coeur, the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, the palace of Versailles, went to the top of the Montparnasse Tower, cruised along the River Seine, appeared on CBBC Newsround, watched France win the semi final of the World Cup and supported England magnificently in their semi final defeat. Above all, they consistently demonstrated their exemplary behaviour and attitude to the accompanying staff!

Thirty very tired but elated children arrived back in New Mills on 12th July, ready to share their experiences with family and friends.

The trip was a dream come true and hopes to be repeated in 2020!

Year 5 & 6 Enterprise Fair

Written by Mrs Williams

The first half of the Summer Term finished on a high for Year 5 & 6. Working in groups of between 1 and 5, they organised an Enterprise Fair for the younger pupils in the school.

Each group was given a loan of £10 from the PTA with which to purchase ingredients, materials, prizes, etc. They then set up and advertised their stalls on a warm and sunny Thursday afternoon. The customers flocked in and the children were delighted to learn that, collectively, they raised £323.14 for PTA funds. The next task is to decide how this money should be spent!

Every team made a profit but what made the staff most proud were the positive comments from parents of the younger pupils, congratulating the Year 5 & 6s on the way they spoke to the younger children. The staff felt very proud that this was recognised.

A special mention to Emily in Year 6 who won the prize for the most enterprising stall. It wasn’t that she raised the most money, but that she worked independently, it was all her own idea and no food was involved at all!! Well done.

New Mills Primary School do the Royal Wedding!

Written by Mrs Williams

Our Reception children celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They all wore their fancy clothes instead of their school uniform and celebrated with “posh party” food in the afternoon! Mrs Hambleton and Mrs Jones dressed up to; both sporting some fancy headwear!

We hope you all enjoy Saturday’s national celebrations as much as you enjoyed your own on Friday!

Talented pupils

Written by Mrs Williams

We have some very talented pupils at New Mills Primary School! Our sporting Wall of Fame is chock-a-block with photographs of their achievements outside of school.

One Year 5 pupil recently took part in the annual Greater Manchester Floor and Vault Competition in Wigan and finished in second place – an outstanding achievement. Well done, Nell – you’re a star!

We love to hear of your successes so please continue to bring in photos for the display and make sure you share your commendations with your class teacher. We love to have extra reasons to feel proud of our students.


Dig for Victory gardens

Written by Mrs Williams

Year 5 had great fun this week creating their own ‘Dig for Victory’ gardens out of a shoe box lid (or baking tray), a tin can and lots of ingenuity!

They began with scrunched up newspaper and a layer of papier mache, followed by painting before the true creating began…vegetables, Anderson Shelters, paths, trees.

Over two afternoons the gardens took shape and with a final few additions on Friday morning, every child had a creation to be proud of. Unfortunately the wet weather at hometime on Friday meant that not everybody could take them home.

Thank you to parents for helping to collect the necessary components! Thank you to the children for collecting extra resources at home and for working so well together and sharing ideas. And finally, thank you to Mrs Hulme for scraping dried glue off the tables, sweeping bird seed off the carpet and scrubbing the paint off the sink!! We don’t make a mess very often; but when we do we make sure we do it really well!!

St George’s Day at NMPS

Written by Mrs Williams

Many of our pupils chose to wear a different uniform to school today. We had a collection of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts mixed with Brownies and Guides to add a range of colour to our whole school assembly.

Well done, everybody. You all looked very smart and did your different associations proud.

Year 5 Step Back in Time

Written by Mrs Williams

A chilly April morning began rather strangely for Year 5 today. Instead of dressing in their school uniform, they dressed as a child from the 1940s would have done. Flat caps, knee high socks, ribbons, tank tops and gas mask boxes a-plenty they didn’t meet school staff at the classroom door but at the train station. On arrival they were handed their evacuee label before bidding farewell to their parents.

A short journey to Stockport followed where they visited the Town Hall where children in the 1940s gathered to be billeted before going to live with their new families. Another short walk and the children were soon at the door of the Air-raid shelters where they were greeted by Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Grundy. An interesting hour followed as they walked through the tunnels, visited the sick bay, lavatories and tool room.

Their next stop was the education rooms at the Stockport Museum where the children ate their ration lunches (sandwiches wrapped in greaseproof paper and fastened with string, plain biscuits, British fruit) and had the opportunity to play some traditional games.

Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Grundy returned to train the children in dealing with life during the war; Make Do & Mend, putting on a gas mask, clothing exchanges, daily household chores and teamwork.

They then bid us goodbye and said they’d meet us at the town hall ready to be billeted. It was during our walk in that direction that the children were able to step out of role and be told they were returning home!

A great educational day for all; lots of learning, discussion and fun!

Thank you for being a pleasure to take out of school, Year 5, and thank you to Mrs Bowen and Mrs Fisher for accompanying us.

New Mills Primary School does World Book Day…a little late!

Written by Mrs Williams

We spent World Book Day at home playing in the snow but still wanted to show off our costumes so we saved them for the last day of term!

Today we had a multitude of Harry Potters, plenty of Hermiones, several Cats in Hats, a couple of Boys in Dresses, a few Gangsta Grannies, some Disney Princesses and two of the 101 dalmatians!

Many of the staff dressed up too, enjoying a day filled with book-related activities. There were prizes for the best costume in each class as well as a prize for the child that could give the most convincing argument in favour of their fictional character.

Thanks to all those of you who helped to make the costumes, apply the face paint and finish the term off with a smile!

Year 5 attend Easter Rewind

Written by Mrs Williams

Year 5 joined other Year 5 pupils from local schools last week at Mellor Road Church to take part in a variety of activities around the theme of Easter. They watched videos, listened to stories, did puzzles and planted bulbs to help them gain an understanding of the Easter story.

The children were a pleasure to take out of school, demonstrating manners and respect for others at all times.

Year 5 would like to thank the people who organised the event as well as those who helped to run the session for them. Mrs Williams would like to thank the people at the church for the cup of tea and hot cross bun!!

Public Speaking Competition

Written by Mrs Williams

Last week, a team of three Year 6 pupils were the first ever New Mills Primary School students to enter a Public Speaking Competition. The event was organised by the Rotary Club of New Mills Marple District held the event at Chapel-en-le-Frith Golf Club and featured teams from local primary and secondary schools.

Each team consisted of a Chariman, a Speaker and a Vote of Thanks. The teams chose their own topic; our speech was entitled, “An Ocean’s Plight”.

We were delighted to be crowned Junior Category Champions and come home with a certificate for the school, a certificate for each member and a shiny new trophy to be engraved with our school name.

Well done to Hazel, Adam and Jessica – you were all absolute stars and made us very proud.