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End of swimming/fun session!!!!

Written by Cameron Beattie

Sadly as 2017 drifts off, a FUN SESSION ARRIVES! The end of term swimming session was amazing! Our first activity was the Santa game where each team chose a Santa and he/she sat on the float and everyone else had to pull them to the smaller floats at the other end by wrapping a float around the person in front of you. At the other end you had to find pairs of floats and take them back to the other end. My team won!!! Then for the last ten minutes we just played. My group fought for the place at the top of the float. It was EPIC!!

Manchester People’s Museum Visit by Cameron Beattie!

Written by Cameron Beattie

All of the retiring School Council went to this museum and learnt about politics.

My favourite bit was when we went into our own House of Commons and argued (debated) about two issues – walking to school and homework only for children Year Nine and older. We also learnt about the Peterloo Massacre – it was epic. This year’s School Council will love it. Thank you, Mrs Williams.