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Design The Elephant Competition!

Written by Alex Kennedy

On the 17th of November letters went round about a design the elephant competition¬†arranged by the School Council. There was also a name the elephant competition if you didn’t want to colour and design the elephant. Each entry cost 50p so school can buy the paint required. Competitors had one week to enter. On Friday the 24th the School Council did the judging for both the name and the design. We judged the designs first and the winner was Poppy in Year 2! We voted for this design as it represented our school with a rainbow and a sunshine which looks like our school logo!

We then judged the names and once again Poppy in Year 2 won it with the name Skye as it matched the design. It’s a shame it’s not blue sky everyday though. All the entry money will go towards buying the paint to design the elephant. Thank you to everyone who entered even if you didn’t win. I’m really happy with the results. Congratulations to Poppy in Year 2 for winning both design and name the elephant!

Table Tennis – Alex & Luc’s report

Written by Alex Kennedy

On Wednesday the 15th of November 2017 some people from Y5 and Y6 went to the Table Tennis competition. New Mills Boys blue team finished 4th and New Mills Girls team finished 3rd! This is Alex and Luc’ POV on it!

There were 3 teams for New Mills – Girl’s team, Boy’s blue team and Boy’s Red team.¬† On the first round red team was up against Tintwistle – Tintwistle won 4-0 so red team was unfortunately eliminated. The blue team was up against Hayfield and blue team won 3-1 so they went through to the next round! Blue team then went up against Dinting (who won last year) and unfortunately lost 4-0 despite a great attempt. Blue team then went up against Padfield who did extremely powerful shots so blue team lost 4-0 again. Everyone had a good go and shook hands with the other teams even if they lost. If you were knocked out, you could go and play a friendly game in doubles with other schools that had also been knocked out. Table tennis later finished, the person who was hosting it said that the most important thing of the day was the ‘Spirit of the Games award’ which was awarded to the school that was respectful to their teammates, their opponent’s team members and everyone else. The school who won it was…

NEW MILLS! I was really happy about it and so was everyone else. Mrs Fisher was really proud of this award and the person hosting this event said it was the most important thing for him.

This was really fun and one thing I would add would be a practise round to match teams up fairly. This was a lot of fun.