Art Day in Year 5!

Written by Mrs Williams

On Wednesday 25th May, the whole school worked “off timetable” to allow each class to work on a chosen area of the curriculum in more depth. Year 5 chose to study the art of French artists, particularly Georges Seurat and Paul Signac who both painted in the style of Pointillism. Year 5 are completely dotty for this style of painting!

The work began with everyone completing a self portrait matching skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and style. This developed into a variety of opportunities with some children using a favourite photograph or picture to recreate in the style, and others choosing to use Pointillism to “paint” a printed animal scene.

The results were incredible – all worthy of framing and displaying. Well done, Year 5 – you surpassed my expectations, once again! Mrs Williams x  


  1. danielle

    This is fantastic; very good.

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